Please review my COVID-19 Policies before making your appointment.

  • Mondays through Fridays from 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • (I need to be wrapped up by 3:00pm, so the latest appointment start time will be before that.)
  • This is subject to change at any time.

I work while my child is at school. I appreciate your patience if I need to reschedule your appointment due to school closures or if class is sent home to quarantine (in which case, I’ll be quarantining, too).

You can call or email me to book an appointment, but booking online is the best and fastest way of securing your appointment. I’m a one-woman show; there isn’t any office staff taking phone calls or monitoring email while I’m with other clients or with my family. Please reach out if you have any questions, of course!

Earn Referral Rewards!

Referrals are the greatest compliment I can receive. For every new friend or family member you refer, who make and keep a massage, you will get a coupon worth 20% of their session length. For example, if your friend comes in for an hour massage, you will get a coupon for $15. If they come in for an hour and a half, your coupon is worth $21. And you can stack them, earning a free massage fast!


Purchase your massages in bulk and receive a discount! You can share a package with a loved one, give one or more sessions away as gifts, and they never expire.

  • 3 massages – 10% off
  • 6 massages – 15% off
  • 9 massages – 20% off

Payments accepted

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover
  • Mobile Wallets: Apple, Google/Android, Samsung
  • Apps: PayPal and Venmo
  • Old school: check or cash

Massage Rates

Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular/Trigger Point therapies combined to meet your specific needs. Prices include Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage.

  • 15 minute massage: $30
  • 30 minute massage: $45
  • 45 minute massage: $60
  • 60 minute massage: $75
  • 75 minute massage: $90
  • 90 minute massage: $105

Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Support Massage

I am trained to massage you and your partner in a specific massage protocol designed to enhance potential conception.

  • $115
  • Approximately 75-90 minutes

For first-time Fertility Support Massages, please call or email me to book your appointment, thank you.

Stone Therapy Massage

Hot, warm, cold & cool stones available, combined for your specific needs.

  • 60 minute massage: $95
  • 75 minute massage: $110
  • 90 minute massage: $125


Aromatherapy can be added to any session at your request.
Choose from a selection of essential oils to enhance your well-being!